Bake and Take Recipes (2024)

Tired of preparing dinner each night? Bake and take recipes might be your busy mom solution! Details on how to get a weeks worth of throw in the oven meals for your family. What is a meal train, dinner ideas for neighbors, and hosting a girls night out party with a meal exchange ideas.

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Bake and take can mean one of many things. It can be an opportunity where people get together for a meal exchange. A bake can take can be an easy recipe for a new baby meal train. It can be a meal recipe you for bringing dinner to neighbors who have medical issue or are experiencing tough times.

Whatever the reason, we have the best bake and take recipes for parties, meal trains, neighbors and friends.

Bake and Take Party

Fist let’s address a Bake and Take Party. This is most appropriate when you are not in quarantine. Similar to a cookie exchange, only a meal exchange. Invite 5 to 7 people (too many people can be quite challenging.)

For a meal exchange party, each person brings the same dish x number of times. For example, for five people, each person brings the same meal in five different disposable foil pans. Exchange meals among friends and at the end of the night, go home with five different dinners for your family. This meal exchange can be done by prepping or baking the dish ahead.

Another option for a take and bake party is you bring your ingredients. Together, friends can sip wine and prep five dishes. Each person goes home with a meal prepared that they can make later that week for their family.

Bonus if your final bake and take meals can be frozen for easy prep on a busy night. For for a take and bake recipe exchange party, you will need Freezer Bags and/or Aluminum Disposable Pans.

What is a Meal Train

I meal train is an effective way to organize meal giving to a person or family for births, surgeries, illnesses and during tough times. A friend group or family community comes together to coordinating dropping off a home-made meal for a family who could use help.

If cooking is not an option, alternatively, you could coordinating restaurant delivery (like pizza or a local restaurant) or send a restaurant gift card for the person/family to use at their own time and need.

Bake and Take Recipes (3) is a great resource for creating a group meal sign up, organizing meal giving, and scheduling meals to a calendar.

Bringing Dinner to Neighbors

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s the importance of those in close proximity like immediate family and neighbors. Bake and take recipes are great for neighbors. You can rotate the responsibility of meals, each person assigned a different night of the week. You can also, bless an elderly, sickly or a neighbor in trouble with the gift of a home cooked meal.

Bake and Take Recipes (4)

Consider hosting a bake and take party for the neighborhood or create a meal train for a neighbor who could a little extra help.

Social Distance Meals

Let’s take bake and take a step further. During quarantine and times of distancing, social distance meals are an option. Again, choose 5 to 7 people and each person is assigned a day.

The social distancing parties can work one of two ways. Let’s use our party of five people again.

Bake and Take Recipes (5)

Option 1

Each person is assigned a day. On your assigned day, that person prepares (and bakes) five of the same dinners. They drive to five separate houses leaving the dinner on the step or front porch. This gives each party goer five nights of meals, only preparing dinner one night.

Option 2

Similar to a meal train, each person signs up for one day to bless a friend/neighbor in need with a meal. That person is assigned the job of putting a meal on the porch for the calendar date they have scheduled.

Bake and Take Recipe Ideas

For bake and take recipes, it is very important to know allergy and diet restrictions. We looked for easy recipes, casserole dishes, or throw in the oven meals that were free from many common allergies. Before hosting a bake and take party or meal train, get each persons dietary restrictions and any foods for which they may have an allergy.

Bake and Take Recipes (6)

This easy Green Bean Tater Tot Casserole is a dump recipe you can quickly prepare and bring to a neighbor or friend. | Neighbor Food Blog

Bake and Take Recipes (7)

Everything bakes together in one dish with this Chicken Parmesan Casserole Recipe. | Happy Go Lucky Blog

Bake and Take Recipes (8)

Want a good-for-you dinner option for your neighbors? This Creamy Chicken Quinoa and Broccoli Casserole is quick and easy, a comfort dish that is like a big gentle hug. | Pinch of Yum

Bake and Take Recipes (9)

This savory Slow Cooker Beef on Rice with has a flavorful gravy. Serve it over a warm bed of rice. If you are exchanging with a large group of people at once, bring Uncle Ben’s 90 second rice. So easy and quick. | Le Creme de la Crumb

Bake and Take Recipes (10)

This nutritious minestrone soup is protein packed with red kidney beans and great northern beans. Exchange with frozen dinner rolls. | Little Spice Jar

Bake and Take Recipes (11)

With just 5 ingredients and about 5 minutes of prep, this Dump-and-Bake Chicken Broccoli Rice Casserole is an easy dinner that cooks in one dish! Cook ahead and reheat. Consider serving with a mixed salad bag. | The Seasoned Mom

Bake and Take Recipes (12)

Another easy prep. Try a dump and bake easy Chicken Alfredo Pasta Casserole. | Lil Luna

Bake and Take Recipes (13)

This kid-friendly comfort food casserole is great for exchanges. Shepherd’s Pie is a traditional Irish dish made with a saucy ground beef, peas, and carrots and topped with a mashed potato crust. Easy and tasty. | Savory Nothings

Bake and Take Recipes (14)

A family favorite casserole for us. This creamy tuna noodle casserole is loved by all ages – kids and adults. Goes perfect with a steam fresh veggie. | Mom Dot

Bake and Take Recipes (15)

Crock Pot Chicken and Wild Rice Soup is a quick and healthy crock pot recipe that’s perfect for busy nights. Add all the ingredients in the crock pot then push on! Serve with frozen dinner rolls. | Iowa Girl Eats

Bake and Take Recipes (16)

This super simple chicken pot pie recipe is made with buttermilk biscuits! | I Heart Recipes

Bake and Take Recipes (17)

Looking for more ideas? Take a look at our printable meal plans including meatless dinners, chicken dinners, pasta dinners, Mexican dinners, Italian dinners and even salad dinner ideas.

Bake and Take Recipes (18)

Freezer meals are so friendly when it comes to meal exchanges. Take a look at these make-ahead Freezer Crockpot and Dump Recipes. Pin to Pinterest.

Bake and Take Recipes (19)

Enjoy these Busy Mom Hacks and Tips including an mom tip for making multiple meals in one night! Pin to Pinterest.

Bake and Take Recipes (20)

Bake and Take Recipes (21)
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Bake and Take Recipes (2024)


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